Friday, May 8, 2009

#31. create a museum of very small things

my friend, tracey, and i worked on this small museum of small cranes.

Monday, March 2, 2009

#7. expose yourself to a new artist.

describe what moves you about it.

he's not necessarily that new to me, but brendan monroe is probably one of my favorite contemporary artists. he is a bridge between the worlds of science and art. as someone with an appreciation of art and an educational background in science, monroe's art specifically speaks to me in a sense that i never really had with what i traditionally love in art: landscapes.

i was first introduced to his artwork by (i think) my friend, zuhair, who suggested his artwork for my boyfriend's band cover art to their last album. i was living in berkeley at the time, about a block and half from monroe's studio. i bought a tote bag from him on his website and he sent an e-mail saying to just stop by his studio to save shipping costs. when i got there, he showed me around the space and some of his work. we talked for a bit about local art shows and then i left. he was so nice and genuine. i am really glad that a talented guy like him is having so much success in the art world.

i bought his new book, which i arrived the other day. it comes with a poster and is full of wonderful pictures of his artwork. i highly recommend it as your new coffee table book. it's brain candy.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

#95. illustrate the concept of "simplicity."

i am going to pass this one on to orla kiely who is probably a genius when it comes to simplicity and overall cuteness. her spring/summer 2009 collection is so cute it kills me. this is the best kind of simple, in my opinion.

for more, visit her website.