Monday, September 15, 2008

#96. describe something you recently purchased.

yes, i made this "idea" up. i get five free ones. it's been a long time, which is why i thought i would start off with as little restriction as possible.

i love:

the other day, i bought a book called soup by anne-catherine bley. she is a restaurant owner who set up the first "soup bar" in paris, france in the 11th district.

the book is wonderful, not only because it has very simple but delicious recipes, but it also has a very inspiring layout, design, and organization.

bley's soup bar is called Bar à Soupes. i did some research, and it turns out that the restaurant is equally as cute as her book. i will definitely be stopping by the next time i make it out to paris.

what i really loved about this book is the photography. the photographer is akiko ida, who is based out of france and is originally japanese. i researched her work and it turns out that she does fantastic food photography with her husband. they have a characteristic type of photography which includes tiny figurines on food. it creates a candy-land type of atmosphere and is absolutely magical.

you definitely have to check out ida's website for more. their gallery is amazing!


Tracey said...

oh man! All these things made me happy. Yay for posting cuteness! Lets go to that soup place in Paris together!!

Pakayla said...

SO little missy, this is a comment in reference to your food print thingy. I've got a great one!

Take mushrooms (preferably portabello, stuffing or large) and take them directly out of the store and/or package. Don't forget to get ride of the stem. And let them sit on a piece of paper with a cup covering it over night to keep the air off of it. And voila! You will have a beautiful print in the morning and you can still eat the mushroom!

It turns out great and not wasteful!

Look up spore printing online too. Lots of great information.